Stella Joan, 4 Years

Oh Stella,


I just read over my 3.5 year post about you, and it’s crazy to see how much you have grown up over the past six months. You started pre-k at the end of August, and it’s amazing all of the changes we have seen in you since then! Every single day you come home and tell us about a new skill you have, and it’s so dang cool. Lately you’ve been proudly showing off your addition skills (Mom! Dad! Did you know that 2 plus 2 is FOUR?!) and singing song after song after song. You also love typing out the entire alphabet on my computer at work, and you actually write full sentences now (with our spelling help from time to time), most recently “I love you Ms. Margi.” We are so proud of the kind, sweet girl you have become. Your very first award of your life was for “always being willing to help” and “taking [your] time with all of [your] work” – which made your Dad and I pretty darn proud!


The last 6 months also marked your first time on everything from rafting to BIG hikes to skiing, and you totally rocked it all! It has been such a trip to do such “adult” activities with you and realize that this is our future with you kids – to really get to live life together with you both. That is SO, so cool.

At this point in life, you still nap most days (you totally love your sleep!), but you’re also pretty flexible if we want to do something special with you instead. Last weekend I took you to “The Nutcracker” performance, and though it got a little long for you, you totally loved all of the pretty ballerinas. :) It’s so fun to realize how old you are getting, but that also means it’s tough sometimes to remember you’re still a little girl as well.

Speaking of interests, you still LOVE to take care of your baby dolls (not to mention help with baby June), and you’re very type-A about your blankets at night (FIRST the blue, then the pink, then the purple one, Mama). Painting & drawing happen daily, and you truly quite the artist! You have the memory of an elephant, and everyone in your life knows to be careful about what they say around you because you WILL remember it all. I pray this means you’ll remember at least a little of your Auntie Jaime, even as you continue to get older and more removed from her days with you.

You and your brother are recently in a bit of a tougher dynamic, but overall you really do love each other and play together so well. I’m so glad that you two will have each other to lean on through life. <3

IMG_6758-edited 1

Per our home measurements, you’re up to 44# and 42″ tall. You’re still as tall as most of the kindergartners, so it will be interesting to see if you continue to tower over the majority of your classmates! Your hair is slowly growing back from when you chopped it last spring, and you are stoked to be able to put it in a ponytail again – along with a gazillion barrettes and other paraphernalia. :) You LOVE to dress yourself every day and have quite the sense of style.

We love you so much, Stella. It is such a joy to spend time with you and see the little lady you are becoming.

2015-11-29 10.54.25

Love, Mom, Dad, and Harvey


Harvey Adam, 22 & 23 Months

My Little Man,


I have started and stopped writing this post for 6 weeks now (hence the 2 month joint post), but life is just SO BUSY with you in it that I never get around to finishing it and uploading pictures. LOL! That’s pretty par for the course for life right now though, which I suppose it kind of fitting. :)

Your Dad and I were looking through pictures tonight of when you were born and it’s crazy to think about the fact that in those photos, Stella is only 2 months older than you are right now. It’s a trip to realize that she was suddenly the older sibling when you came around and seemed so huge to us at the time, but you will always be our baby.


The last couple of months have definitely marked an increase in communication from you. You’re still a man of few words, but you’ll randomly throw out vocab from time to time that lets us know you are definitely taking it all in and understanding us! Your love to ask for “pop-ski” (popsicles) or “chap-ski” (chapstick), or “mo-meal” (oatmeal) more than anything. The other day at the grocery store you kept signing AND saying “moooah” (more) so much so that the sample lady kept bringing you more food! LOL. You also love to say “uh-huh!” with a lilt to your voice at the end that makes us smile every single time (maybe just because it helps offset all the NOOOOOs we hear all day). *ahem* You also LOVE to smile for the camera and exclaim CHEEEEESE and then run over and exclaim “me!” when you see your own picture. LOL. You did get pretty darn sick a couple of weeks ago and it required some treatments with the nebulizer, but you did pretty darn well with it. We were so proud of you!

2015-11-25 07.22.34

It’s been interesting to watch the interactions between you and Stella change so much recently as well. You went from getting along famously to having things be a little…tense. You are big into destroying her creations, and she is big into picking on you, so there are lots of (often fake) tears and whines and MOOOOM and MAMAAAAAs heard from both of you. Thankfully you can usually work it out and get back to loving each other quickly though. I hope you two will always be good at conflict resolution, because there is nothing like the love of your siblings to get you through life. <3

2015-10-25 12.09.41 HDR-2

We will get official stats at the doc next month, but on our home scale you are up to 26# on the nose. You still have 16 teeth and are wearing mostly 2T clothing (though you’re still drowning in some of the outfits). You are nowhere near potty training (ugh), but we are hoping that will happen soon. You just figured out that you LOVE playing with cars (vroom vroom) and building lego towers is hands down your favorite activity. Your hair continues to be crazy, and every time we do a trim it seems to just stick straight up again. We not-so-secretly love it!

You totally love your Dad, and you are constantly wanting him to do stuff with you. It’s pretty darn adorable to watch!

Life is just so fantastic with you in it, Harv-man. I can’t believe you will be 2 next month already. Eek! We love you so much!

IMG_7138-edited copy

Love, Mom, Dad, & Stella




November 2015 Instagram Recap

The holiday & winter season are upon us! <3 I’ve been a bit negligent on my Instagram posting, but here are my photos at any rate. :)

Harvey Adam, 21 Months

My Crazy Little Man,


I meant to write this three weeks ago, but when I took the monthly pics of you it was such a disaster that I got annoyed with the whole thing and never sat down and wrote the post. Oops. Then I felt guilty that we were so close to 2 years old and I didn’t want to give up on your monthly posts until then, so here goes nothing – just a few weeks late. It’s a good thing your ornery butt is so darn cute.IMG_6580

Your Dad and I keep thinking lately how BIG you’ve gotten. It’s like you’ve totally transitioned from toddler to little kid recently, and even though you’re not talking much, you are just so much more grown up! Your hair is starting to lay down more at times which definitely changes your whole look as well.


Right about 21 months we started trying to transition you to one nap a day, and so far it’s going pretty terribly. Ha! It’s so tough to keep you up in the morning, and then the afternoon nap is only 1.5-2 hours, so you’ve gone from napping 4 hrs/day to less than 2 usually — PLUS you’re getting up between 5-6am in the mornings now. What gives?? If we let you nap in the morning though, you’ll boycott the afternoon nap and be a wreck all late afternoon/evening. We just don’t know what the answer is, but I sure hope you start sleeping more soon.

2015-10-11 17.58.24

You’re definitely challenging lately, but that doesn’t mean you’re not really fun as well! You crack yourself up, you spend your days running around & climbing everything like a mad man, and you and your sister have a TON of fun together.


You are still a total mama’s boy who loves to cuddle with me on the couch, but at night you’ve started to prefer your Dad tucking you in instead of me, which is pretty darn cool. Usually I’ll tuck your sister in while Daddy tucks you in, we switch places to say I love you, and then we both walk out. Sometimes you two will talk and giggle for awhile, and sometimes you’ll both go right to sleep. I have to say that I really love having you two share a room. You two are the best of buds. <3

IMG_6639 2015-10-03 18.19.51-1

We love you so much little man – it’s crazy how quickly life is flying by as a family of 4!

IMG_6575-edited copy

Love, Mom, Dad, & Stella

Halloween 2015

Halloween felt like a bit of a whirlwind this year, but it was super fun! Just a few days before the weekend we finally got a chance to carve / paint pumpkins with the kiddos and they totally loved it! Harvey maybe painted on himself as much as the pumpkin, but that’s how things go sometimes. :)

The holiday itself happened to be on a Saturday this year, so it was really nice to not have to worry about school or work the next day. Charlie and I decided to dress up as well, so we started out the night with a kid-friendly party at a friend’s house, and Uncle Tom even made an appearance since he was part of the Dumb & Dumber ensemble. :)

After a bit of pre-party, we headed out on the town with the kids and Charlie’s parents. OH MAN did the kids love trick-or-treating this year. Stella totally understands what’s going on, and Harvey picked it up pretty darn quickly that he could get a new sucker at EVERY.SINGLE.HOUSE and that Nana would open it for him every time. I think he got up to quadruple-fisting suckers at one point! LOL

When we got back to our friend’s house, we hung out for awhile more while Nana & Papa brought our kids back to our house. It is so dang nice to have family members around who love our kids as much as we do and who can help us out when Mom & Dad need a date night. :)

After a couple drinks with friends at the house, we headed out to the first party of the night. Our favorite local restaurant had a big fundraiser & live band, and man did we have fun!

There was lots of fun and dancing and drinking (and Steve won the $150 grand prize for a free tattoo!), and at the end of that celebration, we headed over to another venue in town that also had a live band. Yep, we live in a town of 1,000 people, and there were two spots with live music that night. I love it here. Char even found his doppelganger!

All in all, it was a really fantastic holiday season and night with both family and friends. As I write this we have been watching the snowflakes fly all night – how the seasons turn!

October 2015 Instagram Recap

I love fall in the Rockies! New stone on the house, fall pictures, a visit from Uncle Ben, pumpkin patch adventures, 60th Birthday party for Steve, & Halloween fun!

It’s Annual Pumkpin Patch Time!

There is a fantastic pumpkin farm about one half hour from here, and we finally made it up there this morning. Last year we went up there almost a month earlier in the season, so there definitely weren’t as many pumpkins left this time around, but it was beautiful weather for the adventure, and the kids had a blast running around like crazy. We did a hay rack ride around the ranch, went down the “rabbit hole” (a slide), did the hay bale maze, played in the corn sandbox, checked out the animals, climbed up the hay bale stack, and picked out a couple of pumpkins. It was such a fun day!