September 2015 Instagram Recap

Not as many pictures last month, but that doesn’t mean life wasn’t incredibly busy! I just didn’t get my camera out as often apparently. :) Stella started school, I went on a Las Vegas vacation to watch good friends get married, and we enjoyed the final days of summer. Life is good!

Harvey Adam, 20 Months

Dear Harvey,

20 Months!

You continue to get taller and more coordinated and fun and challenging every month. :) I keep hoping this is the month your verbal skills will take off, but so far you’re pretty content with just a few words in your vocabulary. I’m guessing you’ll be like your Auntie Augusta and just start speaking in full sentences some day, but it’s definitely frustrating to have you refuse to talk when I’ve heard you bust out random words before and know that you’re just being stubborn! Your tantrums can get pretty epic when you can’t use your words to tell us why you’re mad – ha!

2015-09-08 07.45.14

Even though you don’t talk much, you are good at getting your opinions across. You are also great at identifying thing – sunglasses, cell phones, vehicles, beers – you name it, you can identify everyone’s things on sight and won’t rest until we are holding them or acknowledging, “YES, Harvey, that’s Mama’s car.” :) You’re great at opening & closing EVERYTHING (doors, cabients, latches, etc), and you’re also big time into mimicking us right now, so even though you won’t necessarily sit in our laps and pay attention to a book anymore (I sure hope that changes soon!), you love to go grab your own book and lay down next to your Dad and pretend to read one just like him. I love how much you love him!

2015-09-13 19.07.45The words you are saying with regularity lately..

  • Mama (or Mommy)
  • Dada (or Daddy)
  • Mimi (Stella)
  • Hatty (Tom)
  • Nana
  • Papa
  • Hot
  • Gah(k) – means Jack, dog, Chief, etc.
  • Baby
  • Happy happy happy (always sung!)
  • Oreo (Nana’s cat)
  • Hi
  • bubba (bubbles)
  • ba (balloon)

One of the most fun activities we did this past month was take you on your first big hike! We did a smaller one before, but this one was 4 miles one way with some serious elevation game. You hung in there really well until the final mile – it was so fun to do something active like that together!

Your four eye teeth have been coming in for over a month now, but they’re finally erupted through for the most part, though they aren’t fully in. I’m so tired of you struggling with your darn teeth! At least you’re still a total ham and you love to give the biggest smiles!

A few monthly stats:

  • Height: not sure
  • Weight: not sure
  • Size 4 diapers / Size 18m-2T clothes / Size 6 shoes
  • Sleep: Two naps, though I think we are switching to one soon. Usually it’s 9-10:30 and 1:30-2:30 right now, plus nighttime sleep from about 7:30pm-7am.
  • Food: You love hot dogs, berries of any kind, eggs cooked any way, and a few miscellaneous other things. You’ve also discovered that you LOVE to dip food, so we unfortunately added ketchup into your diet because it increases the variety of what you’ll eat by so much.
  • Teeth: 16

Probably my favorite part of watching you grow up is watching your relationship grow with your sister. Your favorite game to play together lately is to stand 10-20′ apart and then she will open her arms wide and you will run as fast as you can into them. You’ll give each other a big hug, laugh hysterically, and repeat. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I really hope to get it on camera some day. Just a few days ago your big sister started school, and I’m very curious how that will affect your relationship moving forward. It will the first time in your life you haven’t spent nearly all day every day together!

IMG_3555We have had such an awesome summer together as a family of 4 – it will be fun to see how our routines and time together change with your big sister being in school and you getting more one-on-one time with your nanny, Nana, and me.

Love you so much little man!

IMG_3489Love Mom, Dad, and Stella

Stella’s First Day of School!

This morning my little girl grew up in the blink of an eye. As I wiped my eyes and ran out of her classroom before she could see me cry, I was equal parts proud that she wasn’t clinging to me as I left and sad that my baby girl was growing up. How did we get here already?

Stella, Age 3 years 9 months. She picked out her dress at Target, her backpack on Amazon, and her bracelet, watch, and necklace…well, from Nana somewhere. ;-) Girl’s got style!

I asked her to smile for a couple of photos before we left to show off her backpack, and she happily obliged. :-)

2015-09-08 07.46.11

Harvey, on the other hand, was not stoked about taking pictures or about his big sister leaving for the day.

Stella started getting really nervous as we pulled up to the school, and when she grabbed my hand tight and hid behind me a bit, my heart almost broke! My baby girl…

When we walked in, her teacher told her to find her cubby to hang up her backpack. She found her name right away!

All day long I was thinking about her, and though she will normally ride the bus up the hill to the stop near her Nana’s house on Tuesdays, I was so excited to see her and hear about her day that I had told her teacher I wanted her to get off at the stop in town by our house today. Well, they had told me the bus would be there at 4:10, and I got there at 4:02, excited to take a picture of her bus pulling up and her stepping off. Well, by 4:12 I was super anxious, and by 4:15 I got a phone call from the school saying that Stella was the last kid on the bus up at the final stop up on the hill. #DOH When they got to our stop and I wasn’t there, she told the bus driver she goes to her Nana’s house on Tuesdays, and they rolled with it. Literally. Oops!

The bus driver ended up driving her back down the hill to the school where I was sitting and waiting for her and crying. Yep, I’m that Mom. I felt awful that I had missed her bus (even though I was early!), and I felt awful she had spent an hour on the bus instead of 30 minutes. Oh my goodness – what a scene!

Luckily she had done really well on the bus, though I have no idea how she did at school since she wouldn’t tell us a word about her day. Ha! After much prying, we heard a few details (like how she played “fairy sisters” with a girl she met, and how she ate “bread & string cheese” for lunch), but that’s about it. Maybe Charlie will hear more from her tomorrow. :)

August 2015 Instagram Recap

A fun trip to Minnesota, enjoying the last of summer nights, and getting ready for school. Here are a few highlights from August!

Harvey Adam, 19 Months

Tiny Dancer!


Every month that passes by shows us more and more of your personality. You still LOVE to dance, and any type of music will get you bopping your shoulders and swinging your hips and dancing. I keep trying to get a good video of it, because it is SO darn cute. I love that you love to dance, even though neither of your parents are very good at it. Maybe you can teach us a few of your moves some day. :)


This past month included an 11 day vacation to stay with your grandparents in Minnesota, and we had an absolute blast! You even started talking a little bit more while we were there (chicken & bak bak are now two or of your favs, along with JuJu for Grandma Julie). You spent the majority of the trip being a laughing, crazy joy. This is such a tough age in so many ways (we see a lot of scowls out of you lately!), but it’s also super fun. You love to laugh and be mischievous, almost as much as you love cuddling and giving kisses. That trip marked flights 16-20 for you, so between you and your big sis, you now have 60 flights under your belts. Thanks for being such great little travelers for your Mama!

Physically you continue to get stronger and more capable with every day that passes. You’re really starting to love scooting around on the Strider bike, and you climb on anything and everything. You are constantly bringing your shoes to us because you know that’s the key to going outside, and you’ll spend all day every day running around the yard and playing if we let you.


Stats for this month:

  • Length: ?
  • Weight:?
  • Eye color: Very blue
  • Teeth: 12 fully in, and 4 canines all partially popping through
  • Diapers: Size 4 disposables and 2 columns of snaps showing in your cloth diapers on the mid or high-rise
  • Clothes: 18m-24m, depending upon the brand
  • Sleep: Napping in 1-2 hr chunks, 2x/day (usually 9-10:30 and 1:30-3), sleeping 7:30-8pm-6:30am

Favorite Things: (this really hasn’t changed much since last month!)

  • Your blanket. This will always be your #1 favorite thing
  • Dancing & throwing your head back to laugh.
  • Giving kisses & Hugs
  • Climbing EVERYTHING
  • Shaking your head no & wagging your finger at people (it drives me nuts!)
  • Being outside whenever possible
  • Folding your hands to pray
  • Using Daddy’s iPad to look at pictures & Facetime people
  • Playing with your sister
  • Wearing Uncle Tommy’s hat
We think you might be a lefty or ambidextrous – time shall tell!

Summer is flying by, little man, but it was another fantastic month with you in our lives!


Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Stella

July 2015 Instagram Recap

Phew, I’m always behind on posting these, but I always love looking back on them. :) July was full of music in the park and enjoying the sun with family and friends!